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Cemetery Services in Medford, OR

We Provide An Array of Burial Options

We know how stressful and overwhelming it is to lose a family member or trusted friend. Planning makes the process much easier and less expensive. Pre-planning your burial service allows you to weigh your options ahead of time, as well as reduce the burden your loved ones feel after you pass. Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park provides numerous burial options for individuals planning funerals throughout Medford, OR and the surrounding area. You can begin the process of preplanning your burial here.

In-Ground Burial Services in Medford, OR

In-ground burials are one of our most popular options. Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park includes a state-of-the-art facility and a beautiful 60-acre cemetery with individual plots, private estates, and lawn crypts. We also have double-depth burial plots available, which allows us to bury partners and married couples together. We believe in providing you with plenty of burial options so you can make the choice that best honors your loved one's wishes.

Aboveground Burial Services

There are several aboveground options available at Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park. Aboveground burials are an excellent alternative to in-ground burials because they provide a more private resting space for your loved one. Aboveground burials include:

  • Community Mausoleums: At Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park, we have granite-built community mausoleums in both outdoor garden and indoor varieties. We offer single space and side-by-side resting places.

  • Private Mausoleums: Aboveground burial services should include plenty of options, and private mausoleums are one of them. These structures are custom built by family members. Prominent families often choose these resting places due to their privacy and stature.

  • Columbaria: Columbaria house cremated remains in secure vaults. These spaces are a serene place to keep your loved one's urn and various mementos.

Beautiful Mausoleums That Preserve Your Family Name

We use high-quality materials and construction when we build mausoleums. Your family deserves a dignified resting place that preserves and perpetuates your family's name. We added the Mount Medford Mausoleum to Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park's grounds in 1935, and it remains in outstanding condition. We offer many options, including both side-by-side and tandem crypts. We design each entombment according to your desires and concerns. We are also constructing the third phase of our Crystal Gardens Mausoleum. To learn more about our mausoleums, give us a call or visit us today.

Our Endowment Care Fund Keeps Our Grounds Looking Great

Endowment Care is one of the biggest reasons we have such a beautiful cemetery. Each family that purchases a cemetery space pays a one-time fee of $100.00. We deposit this small, required fee into an endowment care trust fund. The principle is never touched, but the interest is removed from time to time. The fee pays for grounds care and maintenance. We want to ensure future generations have a resting place that is never overgrown or run down. This fund is why Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park offers the best burial services and options in Medford, OR.


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