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Cremation or Burial?


Perl Funeral Home Can Help You Make the Right Choice for You


Funerals are very personal affairs down to the smallest detail. Many people have difficulty deciding between cremation and traditional burial. When a person is cremated, their body transitions to ash. When a person is buried, their body remains intact. A person who is cremated can be buried in a cemetery or mausoleum, or their ashes can be scattered in a meaningful place. Many mistakenly believe a viewing isn’t possible with cremation. However, it’s becoming common practice for a viewing and service to occur before cremation.

No matter which you choose, Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park can assist you or your family in making all of the necessary cremation and burial service arrangements in Medford, Oregon. We’ll take all of your final wishes, your family and religious customs, and any budgetary concerns closely to heart when planning your service. Our caring staff is happy to go over all of your available options and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time if there’s anything we can do for you or your family during this difficult time.


Religious Factors Influencing Your Cremation vs. Burial Decision


While many people don’t have a personal preference between cremation or burial, there are religions with strict guidelines and beliefs. For example, Hindus believe in cremation within 24 hours of a death to free the soul so the deceased can begin their next journey. Traditional Muslims and Greek Orthodoxists do not believe in cremation; they view it as a desecration of the body. While the Jewish faith has historically believed in burial, many contemporary Jewish families are now more open to the idea of cremation. Catholics and Protestants are open to both burial and cremation, provided the deceased is laid to rest in a sacred ground (a cemetery garden, mausoleum, columbarium, etc.) vs. scattered.


Financial & Environmental Factors to Consider When Choosing


Religious beliefs aside, another factor affecting the cremation vs. burial decision for many is the final cost. Often, the costs of cremation can be more affordable for families on a tight budget. Funeral and memorial service costs can vary significantly depending on how simple or how elaborate you want them to be. Adding items such as graveside services and catered receptions up the expenses. There is also much debate on which method makes the eco-friendlier choice. Some would argue in favor of cremation, citing burial involves embalming fluids, caskets, and an abundance of land for cemetery plots. Others would argue in favor of burial, citing the release of pollutants into the air during cremation.


Exploring the Pros and Cons Associated with Cremation Services


Cremation has become a more popular choice in recent years, primarily because it’s often the more economical one. Choosing cremation requires fewer decisions to be made, which is especially helpful if the death was sudden and the family isn’t able to handle making many decisions. Many families also like the flexibility to decide what to do with the ashes long after the death and cremation have taken place. Ashes may be scattered, kept in an urn in a loved one’s home, or used to create cremation jewelry or art, so the family can feel like their loved one is still with them. On the con side, choosing cremation often makes it more difficult for the family to mourn, especially if there isn’t a viewing/visitation service. 


Exploring the Pros and Cons Associated with Traditional Burial


As previously mentioned, many religions require a traditional burial. Many individuals also prefer burial because it feels more customary. It also tends to give families more closure and provides a place for them to visit or pay respect to the deceased in the future. While it may be more expensive than cremation in some cases, there are often basic funeral services to make it more affordable. If you feel strongly one way or the other about cremation vs. burial, it’s important to have discussions with your family while you’re still living, so they can respect your final wishes as much as possible later.


Schedule a Consultation at Perl Funeral Home in Medford, OR


Whether you choose cremation or burial services at Medford’s Perl Funeral Home, holding a funeral or memorial service is essential because it offers a sense of comfort and closure. We can make all of the arrangements for visitation/viewing services at our funeral home or another location of your choosing, followed by a graveside or scattering service. You can trust our staff to look out for your family’s best interests when it comes to planning meaningful memorials. Please contact us today to begin discussing funeral arrangements. We can help you compare cremation vs. burial costs to make the best decision.

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