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At Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park, we understand how difficult it is to cope with a loved one’s passing. We do our best to comfort those who need our funeral home services in Medford, Oregon. You can rely on us for comprehensive funeral arrangements, thanks to our wealth of expertise in this field. Our staff is available throughout the funeral planning process to ensure all necessary decisions are made, and your loved one is honored in a meaningful ceremony. Below, we’ve gathered the answers to our most frequently asked questions as a helpful funeral planning resource.

What Is a Funeral? What Type of Service Should I Plan?

A funeral is an end-of-life celebration that can be customized according to your personal, religious, and cultural preferences. Traditional funeral home services include helping the family select burial or cremation services, caskets, urns, memorial markers, flowers, and the type of funeral or memorial service that would best honor their loved one. If your loved one didn’t already reserve a cemetery plot, we have an on-site 60-acre cemetery and memorial park to accommodate in-ground and aboveground burials, as well as mausoleums, columbaria vaults, and lawn crypts for those who are cremated. The type of service you plan is entirely up to you. We have accommodated funeral plans for people of all faiths and backgrounds. No matter what you choose, we’re here for you every step of the funeral process.

Can I Personalize My Loved One’s Funeral Service?

Absolutely! We believe in making funerals as unique as the lives they honor. We can help you customize every detail down to the type of casket, urn, memorial marker, and flowers. If you could use assistance making a video tribute or selecting music for the visitation, we’re here to help in any way you need us. Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park will help you plan memorable funeral services in Medford.

Why Should We Have a Public Viewing or Visitation Service?

A public viewing or visitation service is an integral part of most funeral and memorial services because it allows people to mourn together. For many, the visitation is a time to offer support and gain closure. Some families do not opt to have a public graveside service, so the visitation often serves as the time for people to pay their final respects to the deceased. Public viewings are central to many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists emphasize their importance because they allow people to come to terms with the reality of death. If you have additional questions, Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park offers many resources about funeral etiquette and how to plan a funeral.

Why Do We Need to Publish an Obituary Notice?

Publishing an obituary notice informs others about the death and the family’s plans for a funeral or memorial service. This is especially helpful if the family is spread out over the state or country, as it’s easier to publish these details instead of calling everyone individually. You may be surprised by how many lives your loved one touched during their lifetime. An obituary shares your family’s loss with your community, so people outside the family can also express their condolences. An obituary tells your loved one’s life story, highlighting their accomplishments and preserving their memory for future generations. It also usually provides information about memorial funds set up in lieu of flowers. We list obituaries on our website. Talk to our funeral director for more details.

What Do Funeral Directors Do? Can Funerals Be Pre-Planned?

Funeral directors assist families with all funeral arrangements, including the logistics of transporting the body from the morgue to the funeral home and preparing the body for visitation. A funeral director’s duties may include preparing the death certificate, publishing an obituary notice, aiding the family with the selection and purchase of appropriate burial or cremation products, and planning the funeral or memorial service’s details. They may coordinate with clergy, catering staff, or police escorts to the funeral and cemetery on the family’s behalf. They also help individuals with funeral pre-planning to ease the burden on their loved ones after they pass. Just about every detail can be taken care of early. Many find comfort in knowing they can lock in their funeral costs without the worry of inflation. A funeral director’s primary goal is to provide peace of mind to people going through a difficult time. At Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park, we also include grief support with our comprehensive services.

What Should I Do if a Death Occurs in the Middle of the Night or Weekend?

When a death occurs, it can be overwhelming for those left behind by the deceased. “First calls” to notify the proper authorities must be made, no matter the time or day of the week. You’ll need to call your loved one’s doctor and local emergency medical and law enforcement officials. You’ll also need to call a funeral home director to help you obtain the death certificate, transport the body, and more. If no pre-arrangements were made, the funeral director will aid you through the funeral process.

What Should I Do if a Death Occurs While Away from Home?

If the death occurs while away from home, you’ll need to make arrangements to transport the deceased back to their hometown. Calling your local funeral home director should be the first step. This person can advise you about your best options and help eliminate any unnecessary expenses. You typically have two options if your loved one passes away in another state: transporting the body via ground transportation or shipping the body by air using a domestic funeral shipping service. Transporting the deceased overseas can be more expensive and complicated, but your funeral director should be able to advise you of the requirements.

Can We Have Visitation and Funeral Services with Cremation?

Absolutely. As cremation has gained popularity in recent years, more families are including funeral and visitation services with cremation. Cremation allows more flexibility than a traditional burial. You may choose when and where to hold your end-of-life celebration and your loved one’s final resting place. Cremated ashes may be scattered in a meaningful place with permission, buried in a cremation casket, or placed inside an urn in a columbarium vault. Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park would be happy to assist you with funeral solutions to suit any budget and preference. Contact us today to learn more about planning a memorable funeral service in the Medford, Oregon area. We’re here for you!


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