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Talking About Funeral Arrangements

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In the modern era, people plan ahead for just about everything thanks to the ease of Internet browsing and smartphone applications. Whether it’s deciding where to go for your next vacation or ironing out the menu for an upcoming family holiday gathering, most people are planners by nature. However, when it comes to making funeral pre-arrangements, most don’t want to discuss the details. While talking about funeral arrangements with your loved ones can be challenging and may feel a little morbid, the benefits of doing so are two-fold. It allows you to make your final wishes known, and it gives your loved ones some peace of mind during their mourning process. Knowing they have fewer difficult decisions to make while grieving can be both a comfort and a relief. 

From Deciding on Cremation or Burial to Tribute Videos 

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness or you’re nearing retirement age, it’s never too early to begin making funeral pre-arrangements at Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park in Medford, Oregon. Our caring staff is here to help you by talking about funeral arrangements. From selecting the type of funeral service you’d like to trying to decide between cremation or burial, we present many options to meet your unique needs. We also have resources available to assist with creating online memorials and tribute videos, as well as setting up funeral fund donations. Take some of the stress off the shoulders of your family when the time comes to say your final goodbyes. Discussing your funeral arrangements early helps prepare your loved ones for the celebration of a life well-lived and loved instead of only focusing on their sense of loss.

When You Should Begin Talking About Funeral Arrangements

People begin talking about funeral arrangements at various times. For some, it takes a milestone birthday or anniversary to trigger the discussion with their partner. For others, the death of a longtime family friend or colleague may prompt the conversation. Other families may wait until a terminal illness comes along or an elderly family member requires hospice care. There’s no right or wrong time to talk about funeral arrangements, though it may be more daunting to discuss it the longer you put it off. The earlier you begin the conversation, the better. You’ll have time to go over all of your options and costs wholly without feeling as pressured or distressed. Many people are surprised to learn how many decisions must be made when planning a funeral or cremation service. However, our professionals have assisted countless families over the years, working with budgets of all sizes.

Details You Need to Discuss with Family Before Your Funeral

Are you wondering how to broach the subject of funeral arrangements with a family member? You could try having a casual chat over dinner or brunch, or you could schedule a more formal meeting at our funeral home in Medford, Oregon. Here are a few questions to ask to get the discussion going:

  • Have you ever thought about what type of funeral service or memorial you’d like? Do you want it to be more serious and spiritual in tone or more of a casual celebration of your life?
  • Have you given any thought as to where you’d like to be buried? Is there a family cemetery plot?
  • If you’re considering cremation, what would you like done with your ashes? Do you want to be scattered somewhere meaningful, placed inside a mausoleum vault, or do you have something more non-traditional in mind?
  • Are there specific photos you want to be included in your tribute video or memorial?
  • Should your service include a favorite poem, prayer, or song?
  • Do you have someone you’d like to deliver your eulogy?
  • Should we set up charitable donations in lieu of flowers at your service? 
  • Is there someone you want to be in charge of your funeral arrangements and/or estate? 
  • Have you made the arrangements for your last will and testament yet?

Talking About Funeral Arrangements Early Has Many Benefits

While making funeral pre-arrangements isn’t exactly at the top of anyone’s to-do list, it does offer many benefits. On a personal level, it takes a tremendous burden off your family’s shoulders at a time when they need this the most. It also allows you to make payments or set aside the money to pay for your funeral expenses out of a specific trust fund or bank account when the time comes. If you’re ready to talk about funeral arrangements, please contact Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park in Medford, Oregon. It may feel overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help you plan everything down to the smallest details for your peace of mind.

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