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Top 10 Reasons You Should Plan Ahead for Your Funeral

While nobody is comfortable discussing their mortality and making preparations for their own funeral, it’s a natural part of life unless you can figure out a way to cheat Death. When you need to make funeral pre-arrangements in the Medford, Oregon area, Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park has you covered. You can choose to meet with our professional staff in person at our funeral home, or you can opt to use our online resources from the convenience of your own home. Taking the time to pre-plan your final resting place and memorial service is beneficial to you and your loved ones for many reasons.

1. It Ensures Your Family Respects Your Final Wishes Accordingly

When you eliminate all the guesswork about your personal preferences, it relieves your family from having to make as many difficult decisions during their mourning period. Ensure your funeral or memorial service is the best reflection of who you are and celebrates your life in a way that matters. Do you want to be cremated instead of buried six feet under? Perhaps you want your service to skip all the sappy poems and scripture verses read at most funerals. This is your chance to make your final wishes known, giving you some control over how you’re remembered for all eternity.

2. It Takes Some of the Burden off Your Grieving Family Members

The grieving process is cumbersome enough without placing so many difficult decisions on your family. While you may not be able to account for every choice that must be made, you can prepare for all the major decisions such as cremation vs. burial, the appropriate tone and funeral venue, and who should deliver your eulogy or write your obituary. In the end, your family will be appreciative that you took the time to pre-plan, as they deal with saying farewell and remembering you fondly during your service.

3. It Allows You to Pre-Pay the Costs of Your Funeral Services

Many individuals prefer to make funeral pre-arrangements because they don’t want to feel guilty about putting the costs of their funeral on their loved ones. You can make payments ahead of time or figure out which money from your estate or trust fund will be allocated toward your funeral costs. This also prevents your family from making as many impulsive decisions at the last minute, as grief can often cloud people’s best judgments. Perhaps you don’t want to spend eternity in that gold-glittered casket.

4. Thanks to Our Online Resources, It’s Easy and Convenient

The Internet has made planning ahead for anything more convenient than ever before. You can now compare the costs of various caskets and urns at the touch of a finger or take a virtual tour of local cemeteries to ensure you get the ideal plot. You can also take your time without feeling rushed or pressured into making the wrong decisions. It’s never too early to begin planning for your funeral. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

5. Lock in Funeral Plans without Worrying About Inflation

Are you worried about the rising costs of funerals and inflation? You needn’t be when you take the time to make funeral pre-arrangements. We’ll lock in your funeral costs at the time you make your plans, ensuring the proper funds have been set aside to meet your requests. Do you have questions about social security benefits? Our experienced staff is here to assist you and alleviate any concerns.

6. Most Funeral Homes Will Honor Your Requests If You Move

You may be wondering what happens to your funeral pre-arrangements should you decide to move and retire in Florida. Most funeral homes will honor your requests, as funeral pre-arrangement records are always kept on file and are easily transferrable. Our competent staff will ensure your plans follow you wherever you go with one reassuring phone call.

7. Obtain Peace of Mind for You and Your Family Members

For anyone who’s ever gone through the stress of planning someone else’s funeral in the final hour, funeral pre-planning provides peace of mind. Worried about preparing for The Talk of a Lifetime when you tell your spouse or children about your plans? You needn’t be, as we strive to make it as easy as possible for you with expert support and resources. Obtain further peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice by reading our testimonials.

8. Be Remembered on Your Terms

Many funeral and memorial service choices are immensely personal. Pre-planning your service allows you to be remembered on your own terms, and not someone else’s. We’ll ensure your tribute reflects your unique lifestyle, personality, and budget. For example, if you were most proud of your military service, we’ll take special care to include military funeral honors during your ceremony, including a rendition of Taps and the presentation of a flag to your loved ones. If you were a collector of something, be sure to specify what parts of your collection you want to be displayed or buried with you.

9. We Offer Grief Support for Your Remaining Loved Ones

Are you worried about what goes on after you’re gone? Many of our clients appreciate that we’ll not only take care of all their pre-planning needs, but we’ll also look out for the best interests of their family. We provide bereavement services for the families we serve, including grief support in the form of free daily emails for your family’s comfort up to a year after your death.

10. Here for You Every Step of the Way at Perl Funeral Home

Planning a funeral is no easy task, especially when it’s your own. Perl Funeral Home & Siskiyou Memorial Park is there for you every step of the way. Contact us today to begin making funeral pre-arrangements!


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